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I'm Mer. 

I take a collaborative and solution-based approach to mental health. 


Here at the Happiness Clinic, I offer meditation classes and recordings, blog posts, referrals, holistic counseling, and consulting to help you improve your mental and emotional health. 



Mer has been one of the greatest catalysts of change in my life. For the last four years, I've brought my good, bad and ugly to her. Without a shred of judgment, she's been able to create awareness, identify blind spots and provide opportunities to heal. She has provided the space and energy for profound "ah ha" moments and true transformation. I cannot recommend her enough.


San Francisco, CA


Mer’s dedication to her clients shines brightly in the wealth of resources she provides, the environment she nurtures, and her passion for learning new tools to share with her community.


I’ve learned so much about attachment styles, non-violent communication, and setting healthy boundaries. All of these tools help me on a daily basis to have positive interactions and to approach the world with openness. She also has an extensive collection of guided meditations that she’s created which were a great introduction to a daily meditation practice. 



Boston, MA

I often tell people that, were I to write myself an obituary, Mer would be one of the top five people I would acknowledge as having contributed to the blossoming of my consciousness, my ability to mindfully approach life, to feel my emotions, to manage stress, to tap into my internal wisdom and my highest self and to show up more fully for the people in my life. 


Oakland, CA

PrivaTE COunselinG+ConsultinG

Instead of just talking about your problems, we're going to focus on solutions and make sustainable changes.


Stream beginner and advanced level meditation recordings for free from anywhere in the world.


When you invest in yourself at the Happiness Clinic, you're also giving back to the global community. 


I believe that the pursuit of happiness is a human right. Everyone deserves a chance to thrive, and of course, this starts with basic needs, such as access to food, water, medicine, and civil liberties.


That's why I'm a big fan of Action Against Hunger, Direct Relief, and the American Civil Liberties Union. Both Action Against Hunger and Direct Relief provide medical aid, food, and clean water to malnourished children and entire communities dealing with poverty and emergencies. The American Civil Liberties Union defends and preserves civil rights while fighting against racism and institutionalized abuse, such as police brutality.

Each time you purchase services from the Happiness Clinic, I'll donate a portion of the proceeds to support Action Against HungerDirect Relief, and the ACLU. And 100% of profits from your purchases on our booklist will be donated to these non-profit organizations.  

Healthy assortment of yellow foods


Discover how you can manage your mental and emotional health by reading about various topics including: anxiety, depression, trauma, mindfulness, somatic psychology, meditation, breathwork, attachment styles, relationships, codependence, and love addiction. 


Online and in-person meditation classes + recordings

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