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Group coaching takes place on Tuesdays at 12:30 pm PT for one hour. You can tune in by phone or online and drop in once in a while or attend every week. Anyone can sign up for group coaching--there's no application needed.



During these group coaching sessions, we'll have a Q&A, and a guided meditation. This means that you can ask a question about your relationships, career path, family, or mental health and I'll offer coaching and suggestions for you to implement or contemplate. After the Q&A, I'll guide you through a relaxing meditation so you can leave the session feeling relaxed and rejuvenated. 



This is a great way to get an energy tune-up, refresh your meditation practice, and check in about something that's on your mind. If you don't have a question, you can still join the group coaching session just to listen and meditate. 



Group coaching can also serve as a supplement to your private counseling/hypnotherapy sessions, or your private meditation classes.




Join me for a live virtual Q&A and guided group meditation every week!


Here's what's awesome about the weekly 60-minute group coaching sessions:


  • You get to tune in from anywhere in the world by phone or online. 


  • It's super affordable and flexible. You don't need an application to get started, and you can attend every week or more sporadically. 


  • You can ask questions about your relationship, work, mental health, or any aspect of your life. Even if you don't ask a question, you get to listen to helpful advice that might apply to you.


  • You'll experience a guided healing meditation practice to help you stay grounded and relaxed for the rest of your week. 





How to get started...


Click on the link below to access the online calendar, then choose Group Coaching from the calendar menu. After you book your session and complete payment, you'll receive a custom link to join the group coaching call.

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