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This is an Agreement between Mer Zandifar, in her capacity as owner of Happiness Clinic (“Consultant”) and you, (“Client”) for holistic counseling, consulting, coaching, hypnotherapy, and mediation services (“the Program”). This Agreement has been reached after an offer and acceptance was made to Client and in exchange for adequate consideration. Happiness Clinic is a company that provides individuals and organizations with education, strategies, and support to help them improve his/her/their mental, emotional, and organizational health. This will be done through online, phone, and text interactions between the Consultant and Client throughout the Term of this Agreement.


Through rendering payment and checking the box, you ("Client") agree to the following terms in their entirety:



For the purposes of this professional relationship, the Consultant is not an employee, lawyer, psychiatrist, psychologist, medical doctor, nutritionist, or other agent of Client’s life or business. Client understands that counseling, consulting, and coaching includes working with the Consultant to help Client think through and analyze decisions and assist Client with finding his/her/their own direction. The Consultant may offer her opinion regarding decisions, but it is the responsibility of Client to make the final decision and choose the best option for himself/herself/themselves.


Consulting Services defined: The Consultant is a counselor, consultant, and certified in Clinical Hypnotherapy, Trance and Deep Changework, Diversity/Equity/Inclusion/Belonging, and HR/Organizational Psychology. Additionally, the consultant holds a MA degree in Counseling Psychology with a specialization in Somatic Psychology and Transpersonal Psychology, with training in breathwork, meditation, energy medicine, somatic psychology, and expressive arts. The consultant is not licensed to diagnose illness or disease and is certified and/or licensed within the scope of their licensure and/or certification.  


Client hereby acknowledges that the counseling and consulting program are subjective services and the Happiness Clinic’s methods to provide this service may change in terms of style and/or technique. The Happiness Clinic and/or Consultant may use its personal judgment to provide the Program services to Client, even if these methods do not follow strict adherence to Client’s suggestions. Client hereby acknowledges that Client is solely responsible for the amount and type of results that Client generates by implementing techniques and advice provided by Consultant. Client also acknowledges that he/she/they are solely responsible for any decision they make and indemnifies Consultant from any liability regarding said decision.



Mer Zandifar makes no guarantees regarding the results Client may obtain through working with Mer Zandifar. Client agrees that any statements made regarding the potential outcomes of working with the Consultant are merely opinions and are not binding on the Consultant. The results Client experiences will be dependent on many factors including but not limited to: Client’s level of personal responsibility, commitment, and abilities, in addition to factors that the Client/and or Consultant may not be able to anticipate.



For the purposes of the Program, the Consultant promises to offer counseling, coaching, and consulting services (as defined in Section 1) as part of this professional relationship. Consulting services include consulting sessions via Zoom, What’s App, and/or by phone which will take place during the Term of this Agreement. Consultant may also provide educational support materials, such as reading materials, video/audio recommendations, healing and self-regulation techniques, and additional personal development practices to assist the Client in better understanding the techniques and strategies discussed in the weekly sessions.



Consultant’s offering has been developed for educational purposes only. Consultant has established her proprietary offer in order to educate and guide Client to pursue his/her/their personal development goals. However, Client hereby acknowledges that Consultant does not guarantee Client’s goals, whatever the goals may be, will be reached by completing and implementing the advice and techniques in the Program. Client accepts and agrees that Client is 100% responsible for his/her/their results from the Program. Client acknowledges that, as with any personal development or business endeavor and investment, there is an inherent risk associated. As such, Client agrees there is no guarantee that Client will attain his/her/their goals by simply completing the Program.


Nevertheless, Client acknowledges that he/she/they can optimize his/her/their potential results from the Program by adhering to the following: Completion of all Program material, including assignments if applicable;
Thoughtful and meaningful participation in all consulting calls with Consultant;
Utilization of Consultant’s feedback;
Completion of at-home practices, educational material, and research between each consulting session; 
Committing to the Program;
 Attending each consulting call at the scheduled date, on time; Acknowledgment that it is the Client’s choice to receive counseling, consulting, and coaching (which may include breathwork, hypnotherapy, meditation, and movement). The Client agrees that these practices are offered for their own well being; The Client understands that in some cases, a re-tracing of subconsciously held patterns may arise following a session and cause symptoms not experienced prior to the session. In these cases, the Client agrees to take full responsibility of these symptoms as it is appropriate to do so (see a physician, psychiatrist, etc.). The Client agrees that they are responsible for their mind, body and emotional capacities; The Client acknowledges that they are choosing to work with the Consultant and the Program is not intended to be used as a substitute for medical treatment or diagnosis. The Client agrees that he/she/they are empowered to see a medical doctor or other primary health provider for these services; 
Taking 100% responsibility for Client’s results, 100% of the time.



A major component of success is discipline and commitment. In order to achieve optimal results under this Program, Client should commit to the schedule as follows: The Consultant will meet with the client on a weekly or bi-weekly basis for 60-minute private sessions. Consultant understands that sometimes, “life happens.” However, Consultant does not provide “make-up sessions” to any clients who are absent for a weekly session, nor does Mer Zandifar provide any refunds or discounts for Client’s failure to attend any call or complete any portion of the Program.


RESCHEDULING: The Client can reschedule their session appointments through the online calendar system at least 24-hours in advance of their scheduled session.


CANCELLATION: The Client agrees to give 24-hour notice, by phone, text, or email if they need to cancel an appointment. Without notice, or with less than 24-hours notice, the Client agrees that he/she/they will need to pay in full for the missed appointment.



All sales are final for this program. Due to the inherent nature of educational programs and the electronic transmission of the same, there are no refunds.



Client terms are as outlined through the Happiness Clinic website or email sent to the Client detailing the Program and Happiness Clinic policies.



The information disclosed in the course of the Consulting Program will not be revealed to anyone unless:

1. The client consents in writing;

2. There is a case of child, elder or dependent adult abuse;

3. There is clear and immediate danger to the client or someone else.



Client hereby acknowledges that neither Consultant nor Mer Zandifar is liable for any injuries that may arise from Client’s personal decisions based on his/her/their participation in this program. Client hereby agrees to indemnify and hold harmless Consultant, Mer Zandifar, and Happiness Clinic of any claims that may arise during or after participation in the Program.



Amendments - The Consultant reserves the right to amend this Agreement from time to time. Any amendments must be agreed in writing and executed by both parties. Entire Agreement - This Agreement reflects the entire agreement between the parties. This Agreement trumps any other existing negotiations, communications or Agreements between the parties, whether written, oral, or electronic, and is the full extent of the Agreement between the parties. Execution - This Agreement may be signed in counterparts. Accepting the terms upon purchasing an assessment or packages, via the Happiness Clinic website, Thrivecart, email, text, and electronic signatures shall be deemed valid.


11. TERM

This Term of this Agreement shall begin once the Client signs this agreement. Please check the box on the checkout page to agree with the following statement: I have read and understand the above statements and I agree to the terms and conditions of this contract.

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