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presented by Mer Zandifar, MA, CHT

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Thank you for signing up for this online meditation and breathwork class. I'm looking forward to sharing tools and strategies to help you establish and maintain a consistent meditation practice.


You can explore the viewing instructions, course details, and information on how to get in touch below. I wish you a peaceful and relaxing meditation. 

All my best,


Please click on the video below to stream the class. It will begin about 15 seconds after you press play. You can pause the video by clicking on the video box.

*You'll need to keep this tab open and stay on this page to listen and view the course. 

In this course, we discuss:

[1:33] The overview of what we’ll cover today.


[3:47] Brief introduction to the instructor.


[5:30] The healing benefits of meditation, backed by science.


[9:21] Tips for getting the most out of your meditation practice based on positive psychology and habit formation research.


[13:31] Identifying your meditation goals, how to overcome obstacles, and setting your implementation intention. 


[21:07] Guided breathwork practice (15 minutes).


[35:53] Guided meditation and visualization practice (20 minutes).


[55:46] Summary of the breathwork and meditation practice.


[56:11] Bonus number 1: How to stay motivated and inspired by overcoming hedonic adaptation.


[1:01:24] How to get in touch with Mer for questions, counseling or meditation support, and explore additional meditation practices.


[1:02:55] Bonus number 2: A step-by-step guide for today’s practice, tips for sustaining your meditation practice long-term, and a guided meditation recording. 


This is a recorded class. Please send a direct message, email, or text to receive this bonus gift! 

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