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Mental Heath Consulting

Mental Health Consulting

Compassionate, worldwide support through Zoom and phone consultations, Mental Health Consulting offers an array of modalities that help you navigate the complexities of your mental health journey. Whether you're seeking guidance, empowerment, or transformation, this service is designed to meet your unique needs and help you unlock your inner strength and resilience. Here's what's included:

  • Global Accessibility

    • Worldwide availability through Zoom and phone.

  • Compassionate Support

    • Receive caring, empathetic assistance to guide you on your path.

  • Customized Approach

    • Tailored solutions for anxiety, improved communication, setting boundaries, enhancing self-worth, overcoming codependency, addressing attachment wounds, dating and relationship issues, and managing mindset challenges.

  • Comprehensive Assessment 

    • Get a comprehensive assessment to better understand your unconscious mind and emotional landscape while learning how to rewire your brain.

  • Skill Building for Change

    • Acquire the skills necessary to implement meaningful and lasting changes in your life.

  • Flexible Options 

    • Choose from packages with payment plan options adapted to your specific needs.

  • Guidance and Transformation

    • Embark on a journey towards empowerment and emotional well-being.

  • Overcoming Obstacles

    • Address and work through conscious and unconscious patterns and obstacles that may be hindering your path to achieving goals.

  • Holistic Practices 

    • Benefit from effective, evidence-based methods, including clinical hypnotherapy, meditation, breathwork, somatics, Buddhist Psychology, somatic psychology, and more.

Executive Consulting

Exclusively for founders, executives, and entrepreneurs, our six-month program includes a comprehensive assessment, skill-building, and performance enhancement through bi-weekly phone or Zoom sessions. Ongoing support via text and email is provided, with the option of a monthly retainer.

  • Tailored for Leaders

    • Customized coaching for founders, executives, and entrepreneurs. 

  • Six-Month Transformation

    • Dive deep with a comprehensive assessment, working through obstacles, following through on goals, and focused skill-building for personal and professional growth.

  • Bi-Weekly Sessions

    • Collaborative sessions to enhance leadership skills, foster work-life balance, and shape a positive workplace culture. 

  • Ongoing Support

    • Stay connected beyond sessions with text and email support.

  • Monthly Retainer Available

    • Additional support options available upon request.


Executive consulting sessions are fully booked for the next 6 months, but you can join the waitlist by clicking on the button below.

Executive Consulting

"Mer has been one of the greatest catalysts of change in my life. For the last four years, I've brought my good, bad and ugly to her. Without a shred of judgment, she's been able to create awareness, identify blind spots and provide opportunities to heal. She has provided the space and energy for profound "ah ha" moments and true transformation. I cannot recommend her enough."

San Francisco, CA


"Mer’s dedication to her clients shines brightly in the wealth of resources she provides, the environment she nurtures, and her passion for learning new tools to share with her community.


I’ve learned so much about attachment styles, non-violent communication, and setting healthy boundaries. All of these tools help me on a daily basis to have positive interactions and to approach the world with openness. She also has an extensive collection of guided meditations that she’s created which were a great introduction to a daily meditation practice." 


Boston, MA

"Mer Zandifar has been my go-to person when I'm in crisis or just when I need a deep listener to offer their creative wisdom, empathy, and insights drawn from years of experience. Her calming presence and intuitive powers are invaluable. I highly recommend Mer for creative spirits looking to make a transformation in their art and in themselves.”

San Francisco, CA

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