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Self-Care for Introverts: Easy Ways to Cope & Feel Rested

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Life is challenging for all of us. But in a world built for extroverts, introverts often get the short end of the stick. With the emphasis on hustle culture, ongoing social obligations, and balancing work and life, the world can be draining for introverts. This is exactly why introverts need to start practicing self-care. The 25% of the introverted population needs to set clear boundaries and develop concrete routines of self-care to thrive in their environment.

The Happiness Clinic walks you through easy ways to practice self-care to help you cope and feel rested.

Make Time

The biggest roadblock for introverts is making time for the things they value. While others may prefer going out and socializing, get personal and consider what makes you truly happy. This could be starting your dream business, traveling, or writing. BookRiot reports that there is a strong correlation between reading and introversion. The activity is also linked to reducing stress, anxiety, and depression. So dust off that book you’ve meant to get to for a while, and get reading!

Get Confident

Inner confidence shines through on the outside - the more you like how you look, the happier you’ll be with yourself in the long run. How can you do that? Sometimes, aesthetic changes can go a long way in boosting up our self esteem and confidence. Start small - put on a face of makeup for an instant refresh or trim your beard for a clean look. Pick out your favorite clothes, and strut it out. If nothing in your wardrobe is speaking to you, look for clothes that leave you feeling like a million bucks. The key to this is mixing function with style.

Get Physical

Don’t forget to prioritize your physical body along with your mind. If you’re feeling stuck in your head and exhausted, your best bet is to power up or power down. You can power up by exercising - sweat out the difficulties to relax and think clearly. Focusing on the movement process is a great way to take your mind off things and take things one at a time. You could also go on a long walk surrounded by the beauty of nature, which is helpful in grounding and feeling mentally refreshed. If you’re looking to wind down from the emotional stress of the day, why not take a nap? Even a 20-30 minute nap can help clear the mind, leaving you ready to tackle the rest of the day. As a figurative power-off button, nap time is an excellent way to enjoy the world of dreams and imagination.

Just Stop

Introverts often have a hard time out there because they feel they have to keep up with the hustle and bustle of regular life. However, The Muse reports that it is essential to grant yourself a complete reset and recharge. Remember, you deserve to spend your days the way you want, and a little bit of alone time can do a lot for the introverted mind. Switch your phone off and cancel all your obligations. Sit in silence to quiet the monkey mind. Or perhaps, turn on your favorite movie and enjoy takeout at home. The key here is to stop living according to the expectations and desires of others and instead prioritize actualizing your true self.

Introverts are quickly drained by socializing; requiring lots of alone time to keep up the energy battery. But the good news is that if you incorporate self-care into your day-to-day, socializing will feel a lot less exhausting. Take your time, get personal, and remember - live your life on your terms.

If you’ve been struggling with mindfulness and anxiety management, we have the solution for you. The Happiness Clinic is devoted to helping individuals improve their mental and physical health through consulting sessions, meditation practices, and more. Check out our programs here or go through our blog for more information.

Written by guest author, Melissa Howard of

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