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How to Know When You're Projecting

Self-worth and Boundaries

Want to learn more about the somatic psychology and the mind-body connection?

Vagal Tone, Gut Inflammation, and Mental Health

How to Strengthen Your Immune System through Stress Reduction

Stress Hormones: Cortisol and Anxiety

Struggling with negative thinking patterns, depression, or anxiety?

How to Deal with Anger

How to Overcome Negative Thinking

What to Avoid if You’re Anxious or Depressed

Anxiety and Panic Attacks Explained

Strategies for Dealing With The Winter Blues & Seasonal Affective Depression

Want to cultivate healthy habits?

Overcome Obstacles, and Cultivate Healthy Habits

How to Practice Gratitude to Improve your Mental Health

Mindful and Empowered Eating: How to Counteract the Impulse to Binge Eat

How to be Assertive Without Being Controlling or Bossy

How to Improve your Sleep Quality

A Guide for Cultivating Mental and Emotional Flexibility

How to Lead a Meaningful and Fulfilling Life

Are you interested in learning about trauma?

Racialized Trauma and Somatic Healing

Intergenerational Trauma and Healing

Want to learn more about meditation, mindfulness, and breathwork?

The Healing Benefits of Meditation

Five Minute Breathing Practices to Reduce Anxiety and Increase Mindfulness

Three Uncomplicated Meditation Practices to Increase Mindfulness

How to Cultivate a Consistent Meditation Practice

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